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Warriorship is a path unlike any other. Those who espouse its qualities and seek its mysteries know that it is not confined by circumstance, or even by profession. For warriors, a holistic warriorship is simply a necessity. Here at the Warrior Pages, we continuously seek to explore, promote, and cultivate the warrior ideal. We take a warrior approach to spirituality and a spiritual approach to warriorship. It's not a path for everyone, but for those who embrace the warrior within themselves, it’s a profound identity and way of life. Warriorship is a bridge that can't be uncrossed - and this is a very good thing. Because the world needs warriors, it's better with warriors in it, and we are better when we embrace the warrior within ourselves.

While I often speak from my own perspective; that of my cultural faith, and of my Celtic ancestors - warriorship is a universal path. It is something which can unite us, and so here you’ll read about warrior philosophy, history, spirituality, and practices from around the globe.

Whether you chose the warrior’s path, or the demands of life and the world have raised you up a warrior – I hope you will find a home within these pages.

Celtic Shield

Traditionally the Shield is emblazoned with that which a warrior swears their devotion and loyalty to. Behind the shield lay all that we love, and all that we defend. Before the shield is every trial and obstacle which threatens to hurtle itself against our beloved charges. Warriorship is one of the most empowering paths a person can take, because it’s never just about us. A warrior is a shield - a shelter for their people.

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The Shield

Celtic Torc

The Torc

The Torc symbolizes an oath, and so gains its name in Welsh: ‘Cae'. It’s twisting bands like the binds of bronze rope, remind us of the commitments we make, the oaths we swear, and the ideals we uphold. It’s open in the front, to remind us that our commitments are chosen, not imposed, and empowered by the indomitable sanctity of our own free will. That willing adherence to truth, service and wisdom is one of the key traits that sets warriors apart. Warriorship without wisdom, after all, isn't warriorship.

Click the Torc above to explore content relating to warrior wisdom, honor, warrior esotericism, and spiritual fitness.

Celtic Sword

The Sword

The anthropomorphic Sword is a traditional hallmark of Celtic warriorship, the ruddy God of war symbolically crafted into the handle itself. The sword symbolizes our courage, and the enactment of our ideals and duties. Warriors cut through the noise, see past the illusions, and courageously seek into the vast unknown of both the world, and the spirit. We face down the trials not just of our own life, but seek to overcome the obstacles which impose on those we love as well. The warrior is the sword, a self-willed weapon of honorable purpose.


Click the Sword above to explore content relating to courage, endurance, overcoming hardship, the art of strategy, and pre-commitment.

Warriorship has always been an endeavor of the spirit more than anything else. What makes you rise, when you have fallen? What keeps you in the fight, even in the darkest hour?  There is a warrior spirit within each of us, should we choose to embrace it. Circumstance doesn’t make a person a warrior, conviction does – and as any warrior knows, the true battle lies within. 

What makes a warrior different from other people? What drives individuals, in the worst circumstances, to achieve the greatest feats? What does it truly mean to be a warrior, and to see the world through a warrior's eyes? Join us as we explore warriorship and the world by examining both the contemporary and the ancient; through the eyes of the world's oldest vocation.

One of the greatest sources of wisdom for any warrior, are their fellow warriors. Learn from the stories of others; their wisdom, insights and experiences - and should you wish, share your own with other warriors around the world. Your story can make a real difference! 

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All my life I have pursued the Warrior Ethos. I was raised by warriors, with a cultural faith and living tradition from the U.K. which espouses the warrior spirit. From my earliest days, my quest for warriorship has always been as esoteric as it is worldly. It has led me through martial arts, a four-year career as a U.S. Marine, across the world and back home again. But the quest for true warriorship is never ending, for any of us - so I have set out into the world once more to seek out the wisdom of the warrior path, and the many people who walk it.  I don't pretend to be an expert. But I can attest with utmost certainty to the validity, the power, the humanitarianism and the spiritual purpose that lay within the warrior ideal. Often unnoticed, it is one of the most profound, widespread, and misunderstood of philosophies. Yet there are warriors everywhere - every nation, every town, every era. These pages are written for them, those rare men and women who espouse one of the best expressions of the human spirit; the true, the defiant, the unyielding, the warriors.

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