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About The Warrior Pages

The more the warrior ideals are forgotten, the more relevant they become

The seed for what would become the Warrior Pages started in a small coffee shop in the Kazimierz district in Krakow, Poland. I was close to finishing my military contract in the USMC and was seeing a close friend of mine - a Ukrainian university student attending an academy in the city. 

The man behind the counter of the coffeeshop was a military man like me. He never said so, but it was clear in his mannerisms, the way he presented himself. So, I tried to strike up a conversation, and fortunately for me, discovered that he spoke English. Kazimierz district sees quite a lot of tourism, so many of the employees there speak a few different languages.

He too was Ukrainian, and fairly new to the city. His face bore recent scarring, yet he smiled often when he spoke. He walked with a slight limp, and we talked as he shuffled about the coffee shop, attending to the customers.

Throughout my stay in Poland, I would see more people

like him.  Stalwart and smiling Ukrainians; some men,

many women and children. Most were refugees due to the

Russian invasion of their homeland. Some were students

and residents, like my friend - who despite barely being

able to afford rent, still managed to continuously find

ways to help provide homes and school supplies for her

country people staying in Krakow. I was mesmerized and

moved with admiration. 

Ukranian's defiant, unbreakable, standing up for their country

I thought on these people, who despite all their hardships

seemed so full of life and hope, ever willing to help each

other. I thought on my friends in the Marine Corps - my brothers and sisters in arms, whose courage and spirit I knew I could trust implicitly even in the worst of circumstances. I thought on those ancient stories of mythic Gods and heroes which I had been reared on, and the mysteries of warriorship which were ever present, even when I was too naive to see it.

And I thought of the countless others I've known who lost that strength; men and women of courage and honor who had become so beaten down by the world that they had given up on life. Tragically,  this is an all too common occurrence in the armed forces. It certainly wasn't lost on me either, that had this world had a few more warriors in it then perhaps the refugee crisis I was witnessing would never have happened in the first place.

So, what makes the difference then, between those defiant souls who come back from the trials of life with or on their shield, and those world-weary ones who let it drop in defeat on the field? What is it that allows a person to endure the unbearable, to triumph amidst impossible adversary, or to help one another even when they themselves have suffered?

Thats when I saw it - what I had pursued so long but seemed only just now to finally understand.

Warrior philosophy isn't an abstract theory, it's an active reality which affects not only our lives, but the people and the world around us. Neither is warriorship simply a job or temporary profession, nor is it circumstantial – rather it’s a holistic lifestyle and unifying spiritual path – because there is a warrior spirit in each of us, and it's one of the greatest expressions of all it means to be human. It was the warrior spirit I saw in these Ukrainian survivors, that I trusted in with my fellow Marines, and that I always turned to when I needed to dig deep and overcome my own (seemingly) impossible trials. Thats what the Warrior Pages are about; that place where humanity meets spirit and decides that surrender is never an option. 

Warriors are everywhere, and we need them. We all have a warrior to thank in our life, even if they don’t use that term to describe themselves.

 To put it simply: the world is better with warriors in it, and we are better when we embrace the warrior within ourselves.

Ultimately the Warrior Pages are written about warriorship, for warriors. While I often speak from my own perspective; that of my cultural faith, and of my Celtic ancestors - warriorship is a universal path. It is something which can unite us, and so here you’ll read about warrior philosophy, history, spirituality, and practices from around the globe. You’ll discover, I hope, new ways to cultivate the warrior spirit within and learn from the wisdom of warriors both past and present. But most importantly you’ll get the chance to explore one of the oldest, most necessary, and most fulfilling of all human pursuits.


Hey there, 

All my life I have pursued the Warrior Ethos. I was raised by warriors, with a cultural faith and living tradition from the U.K. which espouses the warrior spirit. From my earliest days, my quest for warriorship has always been as esoteric as it is worldly. It has led me through martial arts, a four-year career as a U.S. Marine, across the world and back home again. But the quest for true warriorship is never ending, for any of us - so I have set out into the world once more to seek out the wisdom of the warrior path, and the many people who walk it.  I don't pretend to be an expert. But I can attest with utmost certainty to the validity, the power, the humanitarianism and the spiritual purpose that lay within the warrior ideal. Often unnoticed, it is one of the most profound, widespread, and misunderstood of philosophies. Yet there are warriors everywhere - every nation, every town, every era. These pages are written for them, those rare men and women who espouse one of the best expressions of the human spirit; the true, the defiant, the unyielding, the warriors.

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